Manually identify a video not identified by R_video DB

Modified on Thu, 2 Nov, 2023 at 7:06 AM

Even when your files are not named correctly with only the title of the movie (or TV series), R_video can in most cases identify movies but only when a R_video user has already previously identified the same file. Indeed, R_video DB (the proprietary R_video database) is community and participatory. But if your file is unique (for example if you recompressed it) or has never been manually identified by another R_video user, it will not be identified by R_video. In this case, follow this procedure:

Manually identify a film or episode not identified by R_video DB

In R_video, press the MENU key on the remote control and click on the "X to identify" button. 

For instance, if 10 video files remain to be identified, you will see "10 to identify" instead of "No videos to identify".

Then you will see the list of files that have not been identified by R_video.

For each video file, you will see 3 buttons on right side of each line. If you don't know which movie the file to be identified corresponds to, you can use the "Play" button to check it.

Then, click on the “Identify…” button illustrated by a target icon.

The following screen will display :

Enter the name of the film in the input field, then click on "Search" to see the list of corresponding films appear as suggestions.

If the search does not return a satisfactory proposition, another 100% reliable technique is to manually enter the unique identification code of the film instead of the title of the film to find it directly.

Go to the TMDB website, following this link:

In the TMDB site search engine, enter the name of the film or TV Shows, for example "Ad Astra". Then validate.

Then click in the list of results, on the film or series corresponding to your file to access its file.

Find its TMDb ID code:

This is the identification number located in the URL address of the Internet page of the film file (Internet path). This number is located just after "movie/".


Return to R_video. In the manual ID entry field, enter the movie ID number in place of its title.

Then, validate by clicking on the “Search” button. The correct movie will be found. Then, click on it to associate the movie to your video file.

Create without identify

If this method does not work because your film is not listed in the TMDB database, you can create it without identifying via the dedicated option illustrated with a "+".

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